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Look At Us In Our New Homes!

Rover (Run Run Rover) and family

Rover (Run Run Rover) and family

Lyn (Opawa Lyn) and Mum

Thaddeus (Wonder - It's a Wonder) and family

Mav (Gavin - Sneaky Snitch) and family

Ottie (Chantelle, Opawa Chantelle)

Timmy (Student Loan) has joined Zelda

Leon (Dark & Dusty) headed off to Invercargill!

Samson (Thrilling Samson) looking very happy with his family

Flo (Saving Lots) has joined Moss

Delia and her brother

Cinnamon (Know Charisma) and her Dad

M&M (Ling Rui) joins Finn (Homebush Finn) and family

Ella (unraced) and her new Mum

Lulu (Ulyssa Bale)

Romi lives with Swede and Tilly

Winston (Double Speed) and family

Lacy (Lucy/Hear This) with family and MJ

Paige (Ineffable) and her family

Izzy (Just Izzy) and family

CJ (Shaw Lee) and Pia (Special As)

Paris (unraced) and her family

Lottie (Holly - Gotcha Holly)

Jodie and Barney in their new home

Finn (Homebush Finn) and family

Eileen (unraced) and her new family

Charlie (Troublesome Lee) and his new Mum

Poppy (Chanyaka) and her family

Digger (Viking Mafia) and his family

Love your face Digger!

Jay (Jay Spence) and his new brother Arty!

Flossy (So Flossy) and her young person!

Lolly (Epic Rose) now Lemon

Lemon - sofa hound

Boden (Homebush Boden)

Aww, Appa and Dagny

Appa and Dagny

Appa (Curly - It's A Joke) with his new folk!

Dagny (right) with her greyhound buddy Appa and her new family

Dagny and Appa

Loki (Martino, Nippa Martino) with his new buddies!

Dora (Dora Dufran) with her new family!

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