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A muzzle is an essential piece of equipment when adopting your greyhound and we do supply one with every adopted dog.

However, they may break or you would like a spare, so we have them available to purchase. They come in a range of colours and also have a padded leather strip across the nose, making them comfortable, especially if your hound has to wear one for an extended time period. 

The boxed in design is also useful at preventing dogs from scavenging, and for dogs that break the basket styles e.g by playing with toys, or knocking the muzzle through play.


 It is a lightweight muzzle, and allows them to pant and drink and has airflow through the basket top.

This is also a good choice if the dog needs a stronger muzzle for running off lead than the lightweight basket ones which can break if they are come into contact with objects. 

 Please be aware that the shades of colours can differ very slightly from the photos.


The muzzle is $30 including postage

Available in a variety of colours - please email us to confirm colour availability

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