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Useful Services


As animal lovers, Craig and his small team at Furtography know that each and every animal has their own unique personality. Their aim is to capture that personality and commit it to image. 

Craig has donated his time to take photos of our hounds for adoption, which is awesome!

Check out his work at or

K9 Massage Therapy

Jo is currently in Australia - she will post on Facebook when she is next over and will be taking bookings.

Several greyhound owners use the services of Jo Wigston at K9 Muscle Therapy. She is highly recommended and will travel to you. Check out website and Facebook page. Tex, Jazz, Sid and Scarlet can all vouch for her!

Premium Petware

Treacy is an avid supporter of greyhounds and loves visitors to her shop, where the hounds get to sample high quality treats.

Treacy accepts payment via over 10 weekly payments or over 6 weeks. Check out website and Facebook page. Tex and Jazz love popping down to raid the treat jar and have a nose around!

The Hounds Pyjamas

Your hound will need a cosy coat (or two!) for the cold weather. Jo offers a made to measure service. Jo also makes the coats for the hounds who are staying at the Great Mates kennels in the South Island. Tex and Jazz are proud owners of coats in Canterbury colours. Check out the Facebook page.

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