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Adoption Process

First step is to complete our Adoption Questionnaire. This gives us lots of information about you and the greyhound you would like.

Once we have received this information, we can start the process.

Home Visit

We will usually visit you in your home and will generally bring one of our own greyhounds with us. This gives you the chance to see one in a home situation and gives us a chance to chat with you, answer any questions you may have and look at things such as fencing. Fencing should be minimum 1.5m in height and sturdy. This can be discussed during the visit.

Finding you your ideal greyhound

It is important that the right greyhound is matched with the right home. Sometimes, we find that people want a particular colour, size, age or gender. However, that is not usually the best way to find your hound! We will look at your lifestyle, your home and the people in it, to help us find the right greyhound for you. Depending on your needs, there may be one or more greyhounds ready for you to adopt. However, sometimes it can mean waiting a bit longer for the right one!

What will you need?

Your new hound will need a collar. This can be either a Martingale or Fishtail. We can help you with the correct fitting of both. Some owners feel more secure walking their hound on a harness. Make sure this is properly fitted, to avoid soreness.

A lead - this must NOT be a retractable lead. We have found the Mendota leads from Premium Petware are the most comfortable for humans!

A large bowl (preferably stainless steel) for food and another for water.

A bed. It is your choice if you buy a 'dog bed', a cot mattress or a single duvet.

A coat to keep them warm on cold days - check out our wide range.

Toys and treats. Please, do not give your greyhound rawhide!

Taking your hound home

Depending on where you are, you will normally be asked to collect your hound from us. We have jobs outside of our rehoming work, so this will be arranged so as to be convenient to all.

There is an Adoption Agreement that you will need to sign and the adoption fee will need to be paid before you take your hound home. The current fee is $380.00.​Your new pet will come with their Pet Passport which gives details of their vaccination (and when the next one is due), microchip certificate and registration tag.

Happy Ever After

We look forward to seeing you and your pet in photos and on our monthly walks. The trainers also love seeing them in their new homes, so please post photos on our Facebook page or email us at

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