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We Need Homes!

Please check regularly for new dogs!

We are currently only able to rehome within the South Island - sorry!

Please note - not all our greyhounds make it to the website! Sometimes, a hound comes into the programme and they are a perfect match for an existing applicant.

So, if you can't see what you want - please still complete our Application Questionnaire - your hound might be waiting for you!

Brownie (Smash What)

Jess (Culvie Dole)

Jess (Culvie Dole) is a super sweet little girl - and she is a tiny tot - weighing in at just 24kgs. Initially Jess can be very shy - she can take time to warm up to new people and new things but when she does is a very affectionate and loving little girl who enjoys pats and ear scratches.

She has good manners meeting other dogs and is happy to do so - if a little unsure initially - she is polite, happy to sniff and explore alongside the other dog and is happy to engage with their handlers. She has good lead manners and does enjoy her walks.

Jess would LOVE a home with an existing companion of similar size/energy levels with another dog who is confident and maybe, just maybe there is a retired gentleman greyhound out there looking for a lady friend to enjoy their retirement together?

We think she would prefer if there are any human children in the home that they be 8 years plus and are respectful of her

Again she is a tiny tot, with a massive heart and a massive amount of love to give, once settled into her home she will reward you a thousandfold.

As fabulous as Jess is, she is NOT suited to a home with cats.

Jess is about to enter foster care with a wonderful foster family, and learn more about pet life and we are excited to share her updates with you all.

If you think Jess might be the girl for you please fill out the Adoption Questionnaire   and the team will be in touch.

Thanks to the team at Greyt Mates - Rangiora for allowing us to use their awesome pics of Jess.


Brownie (Smash What) is a naturally shy boy who can be discerning with whom he gives his attention to until he works out who you are. Brownie was happy to greet his foster sister (another greyhound) and really enjoyed their first walk together. Don't let his bashful nature put you off, underneath it there is a truly wonderful boy who will blossom into a wonderful pet.

Further updates will be given once he has settled into his foster home.

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