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Adoption Questionnaire

Please note we can only accept applications from those in the South Island at present.

Thank you for your interest.

Please be aware that we carry out home visits wherever possible. If you are outside Canterbury and we have no one available to visit you, you will need to participate in a video call, where we can talk to all members of the family and check fencing etc.

Thank you!

Please fill out all fields.

A member of Kiwikiwi Hounds will be in contact with you once the questionnaire has been completed.


Email Address*


Please list name/age of all people that will be living with the dog. Is everyone on board with having a greyhound?

The dog needs to be good with: (indicate all that apply)*

Have you owned a dog before? If so, when?*

Will your dog need to get along with other dogs?

What will your day/week look like? Do you work?

Will your dog be mainly an inside or outside dog?

How many hours will your dog spend outside each day?

How long will your dog be alone for? (per day)

Where will your dog sleep at night?

When you're not at home, where will your dog spend their time?

Will you want to run with your dog?

Do you want your dog to be very enthusiastic in the way they show they love people?

What temperament are you looking for?

Will you be comfortable doing some training with your dog to improve manners such as jumping, stealing food and pulling on the leash

Are you interested in a dog with “Special Needs” (medical or behavioural)?

Do you need a dog that is comfortable with stairs?

When will you be ready for your dog?

Have you applied to any other agencies? We work alongside, so it helps if we know who else you've applied to.

What is important to you? - please use this space to describe what you're looking for*

Where did you hear about Kiwikiwi Hounds?

Address and further information*

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